Working As A Remote Area Pharmacist in Outback Australia

GUEST ARTICLE: G’day. I’m Robbo. I do have a real name, but my first name can’t be used due to cultural reasons

I discovered that on my first day out here four years ago and have used my nickname ever since from here to meetings with government departments! I work as a Remote Area Pharmacist and home is in the 250000 square kilometres of Great Victorian and Gibson deserts if you look at a map and shove a pin in between Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie

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2 thoughts on “Working As A Remote Area Pharmacist in Outback Australia”

  1. Robbo – when was the last time you had a holiday?????? Its time. Lets talk.
    Branko Novak
    Clinical Regional Pharmacist
    Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital

    Locum Pharmacist

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