Web2Mail and Mail2Web Free Services Review

Web2Mail.com and Mail2Web.com are 2 great services which allow you to:

  • Subscribe to your favourite web pages, and receive email updates of the whole page – Web2Mail.com
  • Access your POP or IMAP email account to read and send emails via a webmail interface – Mail2Web.com



I’ve been using Web2Mail for many years. Web2Mail is a free service that allows you to subscribe to your favourite web pages, and receive email updates of the whole page.

It’s especially useful for people who aren’t allowed email access at work because you can use Web2mail to subscribe to pages like the weather forecast for your city, the TV guide or front page of a newspaper website and get them delivered to your email inbox as attachments.

Web2Mail gives you control over the web. Subscribe to web pages to have them delivered to your inbox according to your own schedule. You may choose the delivery time and frequency – daily, weekly, or on a particular day of the month. It only sends you web pages if they have changed since the last time you read them.

For example I subscribe to the interest rates page at my banks website and set it to check weekly. This way I can be one of the first people to know when my banks raises or lowers its interest rates.

By default Web2Mail delivers web pages as HTML without including any web page images. This is much faster than including images, but you may choose to have images included if you wish. Also you can specify to include or exclude words from the text of the page. This way, you only receive web pages that include content that interests you, and exclude content that doesn’t.

If you wish to suspend any web page delivery schedule, just click “Edit”, then check the “Suspend deliveries” option. If you wish to suspend all your your subscriptions, click “Change my details” then check the “Suspend all deliveries” option. This is very useful when you go on vacation.

Use the Web2Mail Lite folders to arrange your web page subscriptions by topic eg: Business, Sports etc just like you use your Favourites folders in your web browser. You’ll find Web2Mail Lite folders more convenient because you can use them from any PC, anywhere in the world.

A screenshot of Web2Mail can be seen below:

web2mail screenshot


This service is great if your email account doesn’t allow webmail, the webmail server isn’t working or you’re travelling and need to access email on a POP3 or IMAP account via an internet cafe where you can’t use a proper email program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mail2Web allows you to check your email from any computer anywhere in the world and is used by millions of users around the world.

All you need to remember is your:

Username: eg: joecitizen
Password: eg: 123456789
Mail server: eg: mail.somecompany.com

It can be used to check most email addresses, however, some email servers do not allow remote access. In those cases you may get an error telling you ‘login failed’. Also, services like Hotmail use proprietary mail protocols that are not supported by mail2web.com

A screenshot of Mail2Web can be seen below:

mail2web screenshot

6 thoughts on “Web2Mail and Mail2Web Free Services Review”

  1. I use the mail2web when I’m traveling. It’s a great service.

    I didn’t know about Web2Mail. It sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll try it out, I know there’s a lot of pages I like and I can never keep track of them all.

  2. Web2mail sounds cool for sure… it’s something that I’ll be more likely to push to my readers then use myself… but another tool in the belt

  3. Yeah, web2mail sounds like it could increase your readership and make it easier to follow your site. Anything that gets more readers and users of your site is a good thing. Thanks.

  4. Really cool. I can see a lot of good uses for this. Someone should make a Web2RSS for pages that don’t have RSS.

    EDITOR: that would be a cool idea, but probably pretty tricky to implement

  5. learnt about web2mail on a overseas holiday and found it very useful. Now using it on my home pc to manage my incoming emails

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