Unique Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts For Sale

I now sell quality photo t-shirts with a Road Less Travelled theme featuring great photographs by myself and other photographers

Road Less Travelled Tshirts

As an example this is my own Road Less Travelled t shirt with the “Footprints in the Desert” design to show you what your tshirt can look like in real life.

road less travelled photo tshirt

Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts For Sale

Simply click on the photo tshirt design you like best in the slide show below and you can buy Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts for yourself or as a gift.


My quality, stylish and sweat-shop free t-shirts are custom manufactured to order in Los Angeles, USA by RedBubble t shirts, printed on 100% cotton American Apparel fabric and are available in styles/cuts to suit men, women and children.

You choose the size and photo design and they print the photo design direct-to-garment. The t shirt is then heat pressed to cure the ink, elegantly folded and then slipped into a plastic bag to be shipped.

Direct to garment printing is a style of printing where designs are printed directly onto the t-shirts. The direct to garment printer is an industrial version of traditional ink jet printing technology (think of the ink jet printer you have at home).

This allows a wide range of colours to be laid down very quickly and the t-shirts retain their soft feel – they don’t have that plastic feel that some printing processes can leave.


I make enough money out of blogging so I’m going to sell my photo t-shirts at cost price (no profit to me). The idea that my selection of photos will be seen around the world is good enough for me 🙂

The price is currently $US19.95 + about $US4 standard postage per t-shirt. If you order 4 or more t-shirts you get free standard shipping=20% Saving!

money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Redbubble tshirts prides themselves on getting things right. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, but when they (rarely) make mistakes they fix them.

If you’re not happy with your photo tshirt order get in touch with Redbubble tshirts and they’ll either organise a replacement, provide you with a store credit or give you your money back. It’s your choice.

Delivery Time

From the date payment is received the expected delivery time is 10-15 business days, or 5-10 business days with express shipping. This includes both manufacturing time and shipping time.

Benefits for Guest Writers

My friend Ben wrote a Guest Article for www.roadlesstravelled.com.au about some interesting wilderness areas near his hometown in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

As a show of thanks for writing the article I recently sent Ben one of my unique Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts for FREE.

3 thoughts on “Unique Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts For Sale”

  1. Great shirt idea. I just discovered a site that allows me to do something like your doing. I came up with a great idea for it as you have and it’s working nicely. Now I find myself looking much closer at t-shirts out in public to see what people are buying.

  2. The t-shirt idea is very good, but the picture on it seems as if that the picture belongs to another T-shirt, try different colors, like blue, sea… i hope you understand me ( im not english 😉

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