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Host Auditions – New ABC2 Travel Show “Fanging It”

The ABC is looking for two youth presenters for a “21st Century Race Around the World”, dubbed Fanging It.

Fanging It is “an irreverent and contemporary hybrid web and TV production” with user generated program content uploaded to the web before it airs on television.

Applicants aged 18 or over are asked to upload short videos about their experiences. Five will be brought to Melbourne for an intensive three day factual film making ‘bootcamp.’

Two will be chosen for a 3 week budget tour of Australia for a series of mini-documentaries about their exploits.

Thereafter, the presenters will host a new ABC2 TV travel show. The broadcaster is also asking viewers to submit video clips for inclusion in the finished product, to compete for $2000 in travel prizes.

For more information visit the ABC2 Fanging It website

source: press release on TV Tonight

Trash or Treasure? Souvenirs of travel – Australian National Maritime Museum

So you went on a wonderful holiday and you bought a souvenir that conjures up the magic of that faraway place. Home again, you look at it… Is this something you’ll treasure forever? Or a piece of trash bound sooner or later for the bin?

A new exhibition coming to the Australian National Maritime Museum (Darling Harbour, Sydney) presents an extraordinary range of more than 200 travel souvenirs, spanning 1000 years, and begs this question of all of them: trash or treasure?

Australian National Maritime Museum (Darling Harbour, Sydney)

Variously they are hand-made, quaint, cheap, compact, expensive, stylish, mass-produced, kitsch, unique or beautiful… what they have in common is their ability to carry memories of a distinctive place somewhere else in the world.

Souvenir-hunting is nothing new. Pilgrims voyaging to sacred or holy sites were among the world’s first tourists and not surprisingly they often had a desire to bring home a holy relic or a physical part of the sacred site such as oil, earth, dust or water.

The earliest souvenir in the exhibition Trash or Treasure? Souvenirs of travel, dating from the 10th – 11th century, is a miniature of the temple at Bodhgaya, India, where it’s said Buddha attained enlightenment. The model, finely carved in stone with scenes from the life of Buddha, may have ended up on a pilgrim’s home altar.

Several Christian pilgrim souvenirs from the 14-16th centuries including badges, dress pins and an ampulla (tiny vessel to carry holy water) are also included, along with contemporary equivalents produced for national and international pilgrims coming to Sydney this year for World Youth Day and Pope Benedict XVI’s visit.

The Exhibition runs from 5 July – 17 May 2009. For more information visit the Australian National Maritime Museum website.

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  1. im tempted to make a video for fanging it.. but is this an austrailian tv show or what?

    EDITOR: yes its an Australian TV show

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