Tourists Guide/Review of Sydney Centrepoint Tower Observation Deck

This is a guide/review of Sydney’s AMP Centrepoint Tower to help you decide whether it’s worth buying a ticket to go to the top for a view of the Sydney skyline from the Observation Deck.


I live in Sydney, so I’ve seen all the regular tourist sights several times as we’ve shown visiting international relatives and friends visiting Australia around the city.

Street view of Sydney Centrepoint Tower

This time however, my purpose of buying a ticket to the Sydney Centrepoint Tower was to review it critically to see if it was really worth it.

Don’t worry about my review being biased because I’m a Sydney local, my reviews are always written in a completely upfront “tell it like it is” style.

Buying Tickets

Initially I went to buy a ticket on a Tuesday at 5pm. There was a 20min queue for tickets and a 1 hour queue after that to go up the Tower to the Observation Deck. I didn’t have that much time to waste standing around so I left.

Returning next Monday at 1:45pm the queue for tickets was 10 minutes with a further 5 minutes to go up the Tower so I waited and bought a ticket.

Both times I went there were only 2 customer service staff selling tickets even though there were other unused customer service counters. Also both times I watched as people gave up waiting in the queue and left, definitely a lost business opportunity caused by poor service.

Note: You’d be a fool to pay full price for a Sydney Tower ticket because all the tourists guide booklets have vouchers for 10-20% off ticket prices and there’s almost always a 10% discount coupon/voucher somewhere on the Sydney tower website which you can print out.

Also Children under 4 years are FREE and there are good discounts for Family tickets, Children (4-15 yrs), Senior Citizens/Pensioners and Students so make sure you all have ID or proof of age so you can take advantage of these discounts.

Ask the staff for a combination ticket if you’re going to go to more than one of these: Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney Tower + OzTrek as they’re all part of the same company.

view from sydney centrepoint tower 1

Up to the Observation Deck – View of Sydney Skyline

view from sydney centrepoint tower 2

There was a security scan before entering the elevator and large camera tripods were not allowed.

Unlike Melbourne’s Rialto Tower, Sydney Tower has no outdoor balcony area to take panoramic photos without window glass in your way. The windows were reasonably clean but unfortunately not very wide & with thick frames. People had left food wrappers and drink bottles along the window sill.

Because I had a polarising filter on my camera I was able to take photos of the view which were mostly free of flare and reflections on the windows. The Sky Lounge Cafe is worth investigating because it had much cleaner windows as fewer people go there to see the view.

The marketing description of the Sydney Tower and the view is as follows:

Sydney Tower takes you to the highest point above Sydney for breathtaking 360-degree views of the beautiful harbour city, including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Soaring 250m above the city streets, the Observation Deck of Sydney Tower is the tallest in the southern hemisphere and offers a panoramic viewing experience unmatched by any other Sydney attraction.

From Sydney’s golden beaches to the blue mountains, enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views from the highest point above Sydney, including Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour. It is the perfect way to start your Sydney Vacation.


Is this marketing description fair and is the price reasonable?

On the whole Yes, because your Sydney Tower Observation deck ticket also includes OzTrek, a virtual reality ride showing you Australia’s cultural history and geography aided by real motion seating and 180 degree cinema screens.

However make sure you allow for at least 3 hours in your schedule because of possible ticket delays and try and go early in the morning or mid-afternoon when there are fewer people there.

Further Information

I’ve reviewed other tourist attractions in and around Sydney, New South Wales, Australia including: the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney Observatory and Sydney Public Transport Trip Planner for Trains, Buses & Ferries etc.

5 thoughts on “Tourists Guide/Review of Sydney Centrepoint Tower Observation Deck”

  1. That’s a great aerial… It’s good you break the profile of most who don’t ever visit the tourist stops of cities they live in. Much more economical to occasionally have a local vacation and hit the tourist fun spots, saving on fuel/environment in the process.

  2. Never been to Sydney myself unfortunately, but friend who visited recently told me that view from tower is really impressive, worth both time and money for tourist at least.

  3. I really want to visit Sydney. It would be a nice welcome change from the cold Canadian winters. The tower sounds a lot like the CN tower in Toronto. Pay to go up, you wait, you have to get scanned by security. They blew some sort of air on me for some reason??? Got up. There was a great view. The view is spectacular.

    I think it’s just one of those places you always have to visit. I like to do it at the start of my day, so you can see the city out there, before you take the adventure of going around it.

    Thanks for the post. Hopefully I’ll get my chance soon enough to go up the Sydney Tower.

    EDITOR: Hi chris, nice to see you commenting again

    I know exactly what you mean about the CN Tower because when I was little my family lived in Scarborough, Toronto for a few years and of course we went to all the great places nearby including the CN Tower, Skydome, Niagara and Horseshoe Falls etc

  4. I remember the day when it cost only $10 to go up to the Observatory Deck and that was it… no screening nothing… recently we were Sydney to find out it was a lot of money to get up there and to go out on the deck… no way… then we wanted to go through the Opera House… $34 to go on a tour through there… nah… I remember when that too was $8 – yeah, prices rise but since being in Sydney only 5 years ago… I couldn’t get over how much prices have gone up. Having said that… I still love the place… take care

    EDITOR: thanks for the comment Felicity

  5. If you buy the ticket online, you still have to queue up at the counter to “convert” the online ticket printout to a paper ticket…and you would find the same 10% discount or an even bigger one, in freely available tourist booklets. My advice is that you just buy the ticket when you get there and not pay more well in advance.

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