TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition: 7 Seas + 7 Summits

The Swiss family Schwörer are on a round-the-world TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition powered only by wind, solar and human energy to:

top to top expedition

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues and promote the search for environmentally compatible solutions
  • Encourage the start of projects beneficial to the environment
  • Move as many people as possible towards solidarity for the people affected by climate change and to connect people to nature and sport through the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition.
  • Show children that great things can be achieved in harmony with nature.

Seven years into an adventure they estimate will take them 14, Dario and Sabine Schwörer and their 2 children aim to break a world record by climbing seven summits and crossing seven seas, all without the use of a motor

The non-profit ToptoTop Global Climate Change Expedition is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program. Mr Schwörer, 38, said while Australians should be congratulated for the “cleanest mountain [Mt Kosciuszko] we have met in seven years on the expedition”, there was still much progress to be made here.

“When you compare it to other nations, Australia is the country of the future because you have so many resources in solar and wind power and you don’t use it,” he said.

“It would be very wise for Australia to start now with renewable technologies because if you do it at the end, in 10 or 20 years, I think Australia will pay a big bill.”
– source Sydney Morning Herald 02/02/2008

Their challenge is to connect all the major climatic zones, using only their own strength and natural energy such as the wind and the sun: a unique initiative that is based on environmental sustainability.

The couple will attempt to do the expedition non-stop aiming to minimise their ecological footprint by collecting at least the same amount of waste on their weekly cleaning actions as they produce.

During the expedition they will cover a total of 50,000 nautical miles sailing, 15,000 kilometres cycling and a total of 230,000 altimeters climbing.

Top To Top needs your donation to fund more school visits, TOPtoTOP exhibitions and other initiatives to communicate their vision and solutions.

Keep up with the Top To Top Expedition Reports as they travel through Australia in 2008.

4 thoughts on “TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition: 7 Seas + 7 Summits”

  1. Thank you for this post Neerav.

    I had not heard about the exploits of this amazing family. I’m reading Lincoln Hall’s ‘Dead Lucky’ at the moment, in which the 7Summits club is often mentioned. I’ll keep an eye on their blog.


  2. Hey Neerav,

    Nice to read about them here, as i told you before i met him in Tasmania.
    He talked about an essay contest about global warming… if your writing is good (and i’m sure it is) you may be able to hand something in 😉


    EDITOR: hi roman, I found their site via your blog – so thanks 🙂

  3. With gas prices set to rise to the five dollar markers the global warming issue is about to take a front seat in everyone’s living room. I hope we aid global warming by starting a main stream shift away from gas all together! Thanks for the post.

  4. Hi,
    I heard about Guim Valls Teruel and his round the globe trip by electric bicycle…and this is the first time I hear about Top to Top and the family! This is so exciting!!! So many people from different parts of the world taking such initiatives and we are’nt even always aware of that! Thanks Destiny I found this site and links to others so it’ll help me in organizing my own eco-trip sooner 🙂
    Thank to all of you

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