FREE Sydney Public Transport Trip Planner: Train, Bus & Ferry

ferry passing sydney opera house

The Sydney Public Transport Trip planner is probably my most frequently used website for planning social outings or meetings for work.

It’s the best way to plan a trip on public transport in Sydney, whether by Train, Bus or Ferry or a mixture of methods allowing you to state exactly when you want to leave for/reach your destination and allow to/from destinations of streets, locations like shopping malls, bus stops, train stations etc.

An ideal way for tourists or backpackers to plan their day trips in Sydney as well as for locals like myself.


The best ticket if you’re going to catch several trains/buses/ferries is the MyMulti Day Pass, currently priced at $20 for an adult and $10 for a child/concession (as at Feb 2011).

MyMulti Day Pass****

An all-in-one day ticket that gives you unlimited travel on CityRail train services**, All government and private bus services*,All Sydney Ferries* and Newcastle Ferries services

MyMulti Day Passes are available from station ticket offices, TransitShops, Sydney Ferries ticket offices, and selected 7-Eleven stores, newsagencies and convenience stores. Please note that MyMulti Day Passes cannot be purchased on board Sydney Buses PrePay Only services.

Family Funday Sunday****

You don’t have to spend a lot on a fun day out for the whole family.

For $2.50 per person, your family can enjoy a great value day out anywhere in Greater Sydney with unlimited travel on all CityRail train services**, all regular State Transit and private buses, all regular Sydney Ferries and Newcastle Ferries services. Conditions Apply***

Pensioner Excursion****

All-day CityRail travel** for pensioners and seniors costs just $2.50 per person.

Also includes travel on Sydney Buses, Sydney and Newcastle Ferries and all privately operated bus services in the metropolitan and outer metropolitan areas – Newcastle, the Lower Hunter, the Central Coast, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

Available to people holding a Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs pensioner concession card, NSW Seniors Card or NSW or Victorian War Widow(er) concession card. It can be purchased at CityRail stations, on board buses (except Sydney Buses PrePay services) and Sydney Ferries ticket offices.

*MyMulti DayPass is not valid for travel on CountryLink services, Sydney Buses special event services, Sydney Explorer, Bondi Explorer, Sydney Ferries cruises, private ferries.

** Please note that DayTrippers, Family Funday Sunday and Pensioner Excursion tickets cannot be used on the Airport Line to get on or off at Green Square, Mascot, Domestic or International stations as an access fee GatePass is required (buy it at those stations).

*** The travelling group for a Family Funday Sunday ticket must be related and include at least one child and one adult. A child is classified as anyone under 16 years of age and school students aged 16, 17 and 18 attending NSW or ACT schools, holding a current 202 NSW or ACT concession card or equivalent valid private bus school travel pass. Children under four travel free with a Family Funday Sunday ticket holding adult.

**** Metro Light Rail and Sydney Monorail are privately owned and not covered by MyMulti DayPass, Family Funday Sunday or Pensioner Excursion tickets.

21 thoughts on “FREE Sydney Public Transport Trip Planner: Train, Bus & Ferry”

  1. Good article on transportation. I hope you can write more on informations of Australia which will help those who plan to go there including myself. But not so soon for me.

  2. Here in Toronto,all day pass is $8 and we still complain and whine. I guess We shouldn’t seeing how it’s double,in other contries


  3. About Canberra off-peak hours for buses – AU$ 4,40. The off-peak periods are between 9am and 4.30pm, after 6pm and on weekdays, and all day on weekends and public holidays. But for that price you can jump on and off each bus you want to get. A single ticket for all zones cost you also AU$ 4,40 and you can ride in peak-hours For an unrestricted all day ticket, this will cost AU$ 8,40.

  4. Thank you for the article))) This week I’m exactly going to Sydney for a two-week trip, that’s why it is such a good find for me)))

  5. That’s cool. I lived in Sydney a few years ago. I lived in Bondi and the buses would take nearly an hour to go downtown. I wish the subway extended all the way to the beach instead of stopping at Bondi Junction. Transport does seem a bit expensive in Sydney.

  6. It must be a thrilling experience to make holidays in Sydney and straying around shopping malls, theater etc., I too keep visiting such places around the world. Can you give some information on Sydney Ferries? I usually prefer travelling with cheap ferry as to me this is best way to explore a new place or region.

  7. This is really useful information! Thanks so much for writing the article. I think it’s really cheap too, considering how much public transport costs in The Netherlands 😉

  8. Sydney seems great. I’ve heard so many good things about it. And now with this planner I can get around with the public transportation with ease. THANKS! 🙂

  9. Isn’t Light rail covered under the Mymulti & Familiy Fun Day tickets?

    EDITOR: Yes it is now. It’s also covered under Pensioner Excursion tickets

  10. We have visited Sydney from England 5 times in the last ten years. On the first second and third trips travelling by bus around the city was an enjoyable experience we were able to identify which bus to catch get on pay and ride, the drivers were friendly and helpful. The last time we visited, shortly after the introduction of the pre-pay system we began to encounter difficulties caused by our lack of local knowledge, the bus drivers were very sympathetic and helpful, understanding the difficulties a non-local would have in knowing how to obtain the correct ticket.

    On this visit we have found it almost impossible to use public transport encountering ignorance and lack of understanding at point of sale. If not for the fact that we stay with family we would not even have internet access and even with access to this website we are still finding it virtually impossible to obtain tickets, this is due to the fact that there is no information on the site telling us what ticket to ask for, our family do not use public transport so are unable to assist us in this respect.

    I do understand the need for a pre-pay system but believe the only way it can work effectively is with some form of smart card which credit is added to with the ability to obtain a refund of un-used credit; furthermore we are appalled by the amount of waste paper the current system generates. We used to think that Sydney buses and drivers were great, today we believe anything but that. A big thumbs down for the current system.

  11. We have not been to Sydney for a few years. Recently we became pensioners and also hold theSouth Australian Seniors Card. Will we qualify for free public transport in the Sydney metro area? Or do we have to buy the $10 MyMulti Day Pass or All-day CityRail travel for pensioners/seniors at $2.50 per person?
    We go about by bus/tram free of charge between 9:01am and 3pm in Adelaide.

  12. I have just expeienced the best outcome of my day last Sunday when i left hornsby heights sydney. My trip started by ringing the no. on the pole for the bus service time, which i must admitt the time you had to wait to talk to a human was ridulouas, the phone should be more like AMMI, and have a human answer the phone and the operator deterium the sos calls, b4 you have to hear the services avaiable. fineally i got through, the lady was a litle helpful, the ladies should also have a radio control to speck to each indivaul on the bus run.

    Once we found the bus stop we needed, we waited for the bus. We is my daughter and son.

    The bus driver was wonderful, he saw how distrot i was and he was very helpful. And told me about the 7:50$, bus ferry and train. he than added that it was vaild til 4am the next day, the monday. Well id hope that I wouldnt need it by than.

    unfortunalty when i arrived at hornsy station, i went to the nearest window that was open and ask for advice for the plateform for singleton. he told me to get of at newcastle…This was the insrtuctions he informed me, we were meant to get of at Hamitlon. we got oof at newcastle. My 7 year says that you should annouce wot trains link to each area?????? I quote”.

    The guys at newcastle were fanastic to help me and my children, i told them what had happened and they did everything they could to help us..they put us on the train to Maitland, and made sure we had a lift to from to singleton, my phone was almost flat and the train master let me use his ph to call my son. Once the station was satified we had a lft home he than put us on the train.
    Everyone who worked that shift that night all need to be commanded. they were wonderful…Bless them all.

  13. I am visiting Sydney. Is the pensioners and seniors travel rate applicable to overseas visitors as well ?

    EDITOR: I dont think so

  14. Dear Editor,
    I am a visually handicapped and my travel partner is over 70. We would visit Sydney soon. If we purchase MyMulti Day Pass, can we, being oversea tourist, entitle concession rate?

    Best Regards

    EDITOR: overseas tourists cannot buy concession/senior citizen tickets

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