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Neerav, a new friend of mine is a stunningly talented photographer. I thought my friend Forrest was the only person on earth who took pictures that aren’t just boring snap shots, but clearly this is wrong. Neerav is half Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, and half Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter. I’m not kidding, there are pictures of feeding crocodiles, and now, of a real life glacier!
- Alexanderthegreat

Great stuff Neerav, What a wonderful place. It’s a shame that some of our ‘decision makers’ aren’t taken to places like this. The natural beauty of what we have in our country may possibly speak to them in a way that mere words don’t seem to manage – Mark

Wow – simply amazing! Okay, maybe I’m guilty of “small thinking”, but I thought the only truly picturesque place on Earth in winter is quaint little New England, where I am! But you’ve dramatically broadened and elevated (no pun intended!) my thinking on that with this post! – Alison

I grew up watching PBS shows on tv with Jane Goodall… I would love the chance to get that close to an orangutan. Thanks for posting this… in the world of people who don’t care, one small blog post can change alot – Becky

Neerav, nice photo. I went to Broome in 2000 and have many photos of the sunset at Cable Beach. It is really beautiful. I didn’t do the camel ride, just took photos of it – Ian

Looking through window from where I am and seeing snow after seeing this picture and reading that it was 38 degrees in Melbourne makes it bit… surreal. Anyway not surprised by great picture, as pictures I’ve seen on your other blog, about Sydney in your reviews of it’s tourist sites are really good – Vinston

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