Robert Falcon Scott’s Last Expedition – Australian National Maritime Museum special exhibition (Review)

I just visited an excellent special exhibition about Robert Falcon Scott’s Last Expedition at the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM). This free exhibition is open from 17 June – 16 October 2011 and it’s well worth making a trip to the ANMM located in Darling Harbour, Sydney and taking an hour or two to explore it in detail.

I’ve always been interested in explorers and traveling to remote places, which is where the name of this web site “Road Less Travelled” comes from.

Thanks to my interest in history I was already aware of some facts about the ill fated Scott expedition to Terra Nova and had been thinking about it because of the allusion to the famous quote “just going outside and may be some time” in my 2011 Jon Kudelka calendar.


Photo Highlights Slideshow – Robert Falcon Scott’s Last Expedition – Australian National Maritime Museum special exhibition

One hundred years after its tragic end, the definitive story of British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica is being told in this major international exhibition.

Scott’s Last Expedition reunites the artefacts used by Scott and his team together with scientific specimens collected during the 1910-1913 expedition for the first time since their use in Antarctica. When Scott set off on his second journey to explore the Antarctic on board the former whaler Terra Nova, he could not have predicted the tragic ending. He and his four companions died on the return trek from the South Pole two years later, having lost the race to be the first.

To commemorate the centenary of the expedition and celebrate its achievements the Natural History Museum, London, the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand and the Antarctic Heritage Trust, New Zealand, have collaborated to create this international travelling exhibition. The premier venue for this unique exhibition is the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, New South Wales.
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