Preparing Digital Photos for Printing

Being a newcomer to digital photography I found the following tips quite useful when preparing my digital photo files for printing:


When you’re looking for somewhere to print your digital photos remember to ask if they use a Fuji Frontier machine and print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper because these are really good quality.

  1. Ensure the colourspace is sRGB
  2. If your camera stores photos as JPEG’s it is imperative that you resave them as uncompressed TIFF‘s before making any changes such as resampling, cropping etc to avoid losing details
  3. Make sure you thoroughly understand how to correctly setup colour management for your Monitor, Printer and graphics application (eg: Photoshop) so that the photos look the same on screen as they do when printed
  4. Make sure all photos are set to print at 300 dpi (follow the instructions at Photoshop tips)
  5. Make sure that the aspect ratio of all files matches the print size or cropping will occur. For example when printing at 7 inch x 5 inch the image should be of size 2100 x 1500, (7x300dpi multipled by 5×300 dpi)

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  1. Some more tips if you’re going to get your photos printed at a Fuji Frontier photo lab:

    All photos MUST use the sRGB colourspace
    Photos MUST be saved at 8bit not 16bit
    All layers MUST be flattened, NO alpha channels or paths are allowed
    All Fuji Frontier labs suggest you give them photo files at maximum quality “jpg” baseline optimised, some accept “tif” format in IBM PC Byte order with no compression (use TIF if they accept it).

    The *.tif or *.jpg file extension MUST be at the end of the file name.
    File names CANNOT have dashes, arrows, stars, exclamation marks etc in them. (eg: */-:;”+)(*&^%$#@!or~). Stick to filenames with numbers and letters and underscores between words eg: Europe_768_6×4.tif

  2. 1. Readers who live in Brisbane and want to print reasonably large photos (bigger than 8inch x 6inch) should check out RBG Digital who use a Fuji Frontier machine and have very good prices for large sized photo prints
    2. If you want to print standard 6 inch x 4 inch photos then have a look at Snapfish Australia who currently do 6×4 prints for AUS 0.19c each
    Also its good because you get 20 free 6×4 prints when you join their service and as long as you make a purchase every 365 days you get free unlimited photo storing/sharing
    Here’s some promo codes so you can save money (use them quickly before they expire):
    Enter these upon checkout/ordering:
    – XMASCARDAU for 20% off sets of 20 Christmas photo Cards – expires 14 Dec 2007

    – Coupon code SHIPJUNE on the “Pick up or ship?” page to get 20 free prints and free Posting & Packaging from Snapfish
    – SNAPAUHP (50 free prints)
    – ANZFIFTY (50 free prints)
    – ANZholiday (30% off calendars and cards)

    3. If you have a Domayne or Harvey Norman store nearby then make sure you check their catalogues carefully as there are often vouchers for 20 free 6×4 prints or 40 extra free 6×4 prints with every 40 6×4 prints paid for

  3. is only offer 10cents and can be collect 3500 stores around Australia. The quality is good and they are using Kodak paper. Or you can print the voucher on the it webpage then drop your CD or Memory card any 3500 stores for only 10 cents each. This is the lowest price in Australia I have crossed.

    EDITOR: Personally I favour printing my photos at a place which uses Fuji Frontier machines and Fuji crystal archive paper

    How have you found the quality of

    PS the website with the automatic playing audio sales pitch is very annoying

  4. haa!
    Yes the audio does sound a bit annoying,
    you can choose from a glossy print or a matt print at the same price i think.
    Yes it is from kodak paper, im quite pleased with it.
    apparently its the biggest photo publisher in Australia.
    Intersting ha?

    EDITOR: Yeah I recognised their parent company name “QFL Photographics Pty Ltd” because they sell photo processing at lots of chemist shops

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