Getting Stuck Driving the Road Less Travelled

My friend Ben wrote an article for titled Leadville, Colorado, USA – High Altitude Winter Wonderland about some interesting wilderness areas near his hometown.

As a show of thanks for writing the article I recently sent Ben one of my unique Road Less Travelled Photo T-shirts.

He wanted to pick a spot that was truly “less travelled” to take a photo of him wearing the t-shirt and very much in the right spirit managed to get his Jeep extremely stuck in mud on the way there and had to dig it out 🙂

getting stuck taking the road less travelled
Getting stuck taking the Road Less Travelled
photo credit: Ben

Ben is a very busy man. When he’s not exploring the wilderness around his hometown in Colorado he’s working in an ambulance crew at the local hospital on 24 hr shifts, participating in his local search and rescue team or taking lessons to eventually get a commercial pilots license!

You can visit Ben’s profile and view his photos at his Flickr photo gallery

If you’ve travelled somewhere off the beaten track, can write well and have good quality photos I encourage you to contact me and I’ll consider publishing your travel diary here including generous attribution and links back to your website as thanks for your contribution

4 thoughts on “Getting Stuck Driving the Road Less Travelled”

  1. You didn’t want the photo to be taken whilst you were digging I see, was that to hide the sweat from the nation? 🙂

    Well done for going where no man dares to go often mate.

  2. Colorad is very green! It’s called “alpine tundra” and is very lush/verdant (comes from all the snow runoff). Some off the most spectacular mountains, pine forests and alpine tundra can be seen in the southern Colorado mountains (San Juan range) near Grand junction.

    Also, some of the best Jeeping in the world can be found nearby in Ouray, Silverton, Telluride. Black bear pass between Silverton and Telluride is a famous trail. Though you’ll need a lifted Jeep with lockers to make it through (It was snowed in the last time I went – on the 4th of July!). Remember – you’ve always gotta be prepared for recovery.

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