Fly Carbon Neutral With Virgin Blue Carbon Credits

I recently booked 2 flights on Virgin Blue and was pleasantly surprised to see an option to Purchase Carbon Credits to offset the emissions made by that flight.

To give you an idea of the cost you can expect this is what I paid:

Flight from Sydney to Adelaide

  • Amount of carbon offset: 131.70 Kg
  • Carbon Offset Cost: $1.24 (inc GST)

Flight from Darwin to Sydney

  • Amount of carbon offset : 307.00 Kg
  • Carbon Offset Cost: $2.90 (inc GST)

Fuel used by aircraft engines results in carbon dioxide and other substances being released to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide contributes directly to the greenhouse effect. While other substances emitted (e.g. nitrogen oxides and water vapour) contribute to global warming, their exact impact is still not known.

Aviation is responsible for an estimated 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. The best estimate of aviation’s climate change impact is about 3.5% of the total contribution by human activities.

Carbon offsetting involves reducing emissions by investment in projects that save energy, such as investment in technology which allows industry to be more efficient, increasing the generation of renewable energy or planting trees to absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Virgin Blue does not make any profit from carbon offset transactions and your money is invested in greenhouse gas abatement projects in Australia which are certified under the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ Program. Projects include energy efficiency measures, waste diversion and recycling, generation of renewable energy, tree planting and avoided deforestation projects.

If your flight is on the Pacific Blue or Polynesian Blue network your money is invested in greenhouse gas abatement projects in New Zealand that are endorsed by the New Zealand Government.

You can offset the impact of your Virgin Blue flight/s by purchasing Carbon Credits. All you need to know is your Booking reference eg: LHDPCV and the surname of the passenger eg: JONES.

3 thoughts on “Fly Carbon Neutral With Virgin Blue Carbon Credits”

  1. PS I contacted Virgin Blue customer service to ask “I just paid for carbon offsets on my upcoming holiday flights but I think more people would do it if you integrated the “YES/NO carbon
    offset” choice into your bookings page like you have with your travel insurance product”

    Their reply (below) is pretty lame. In essence there’s no technical reason for not doing it, they’re just not bothering because it doesn’t give them any profit.

    “As Virgin Blue’s Carbon Offset program makes no monies collected and because it is completely voluntary, this is not included in our booking process. It also allows you to make a personal choice to offset greenhouse gas emissions related to your travel with us.

    Should you have any further enquires or require further clarification, please feel free to call us on the number listed below.

    Kind regards,
    Guest Transaction Support Agent
    Virgin Blue Guest Contact Centre”

    PS It looks like Cameron Adams and several of his readers agree with me

  2. It’s a shame they don’t make this more obvious and an easier choice – for people who aren’t paying very close attention – but it’s fantastic news that enough people care about the effects of human activity that corporations are starting to work them into their business process.

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