Discount Subscription to Australian Photography Magazine

australian photography magazine

Australian Photography magazine is Australia’s establishment photographic magazine covering both traditional and digital photography. Its readers are true enthusiasts – passionate photographers who are increasingly skilled, advanced amateurs or semi-professionals.

The full colour and high quality of the magazine’s reproduction ensure each page has a high impact amongst its readership. After 50 years in the publishing business, Australian Photography continues to stay in front with its strong visual ‘hands-on’ style and a cutting-edge approach to new technology. Australian Photography is published monthly and circulated to all members of the Australian Photographic Society.

The news stand price for each issue is $6.50 ($78/year) … However if you call Yaffa Publishing on 1800 807 760 quote DISCOUNT CODE: AD/AP1106 and subscribe to Australian Photography over the phone it only costs $53.90, a saving of $24.10 for one years subscription home delivered FREE of postage charges. That’s over 30% off the newsagent price 🙂

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  1. Good afternoon thank you for the advice on your blog, seemed like a good discount for Australian photography magazine so I went with it.

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