Catch the Jetbus from Adelaide Airport to the City (Review)


The cheapest way to get from Adelaide Airport to the Adelaide CBD or various suburbs such as Greenwith, Tea Tree Plaza or Golden Grove Village is to catch public transport via the Adelaide Metro Jetbus routes J1, J2 or J3.

It cost me $3.80 one way to get to stop D1 at Currie St near the Adelaide Central YHA Backpackers Hostel.

Jetbus from Adelaide Airport to the City

If you’re visiting Adelaide make sure you ask the bus driver where he’s going so you don’t accidentally catch the bus to beach side Glenelg or one of Adelaide’s suburbs instead of the inner city where you meant to go.

Also remember to activate your ticket in the machine before you sit down.

A private bus service called Skylink Adelaide also does similar routes but costs roughly twice as much as the Jetbus

A Taxi fare is likely to cost $15 into the centre of Adelaide, which is probably a good option if you’re travelling in a group of 3 or more people with a reasonable amount of luggage to transport.

For further details visit: Adelaide Metro, Skylink Adelaide, or Adelaide Taxis

3 thoughts on “Catch the Jetbus from Adelaide Airport to the City (Review)”

  1. I think if a Taxi fare is likely to cost $15 into the centre of Adelaide, for a group of 3. That’s a really great price! Great Info!

  2. Sadly now the J1 and J2 only go as far as the city and now continue on as bus route 174 and there are not as many services as like before.It’s great for commuters like me to have the service within walking distance of home stop 12 or 13 on Payneham Road to be exact whereas before We had to go to Klemzig Station for it(I live in Payneham by the way) but all the same if it saves in one direction the hassles of a parent or a family member having to drive to the airport and pay for parking I am all for the change.There is one good thing to come out of the changes and that is for the most part Skylink get back the majority of the old Jetbus customers who no longer have an early morning sunday bus and very limited saturday services

  3. The Skylink Service in Adelaide is far from a service, they leave behind people on their list to pick up from the airport that have prepaid through a travel agent. They also forget to pick you up to take you to the airport to catch a plane when you have booked and paid with them to do so.. For a hassle free trip take a cab.

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